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Detroit named most expensive city for USA car rental

Original date of publication: August 12, 2020

Cheap car rental USA

Kemwel - The results are in; the Motor City of Detroit has ranked as the most expensive car rental destination in the United States with an average weekly rate of $446 for the least costly model, according to In second place were Memphis rental cars with a weekly rate of US$425 and Philadelphia vehicles placing as the third-highest at US$406. While prices appear visibly higher in the historic center of the American automotive industry and location where Henry Ford debuted car manufacturing assembly lines, survey results suggest lower rates across the country due to COVID-19.

Where are the cheapest car rentals in the United States?

To tally the numbers, CheapCarRentals gathered data from every major US car rental company while comparing prices at dispatch locations, whether that be bargain Atlanta Airport car rentals or the downtown car rental office in Portland, Oregon. As far as the cheapest USA cities for car rentals go, that superlative goes to Orlando rental cars with an unbeatable weekly rate of US$120. Not far behind is Los Angeles car rentals placing in second with US$130 as the average weekly going price. Both Florida and California also represented the most affordable states for car rentals in the country with seven-day rates not exceeding US$200.

So, without any further ado, here are some of the USA car rental locations featured in the survey showing the average weekly rates projected for the month of August.

Results showed an overall 15 percent decrease in USA car rental units this year while some cities like Boston and Seattle saw a 40 percent price drop. Despite the United States having more than 5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, more Americans are traveling domestically since international travel is prohibited this summer. Exceptions can be found in places in the Caribbean, Mexico, as well as parts of Europe such as Croatia and Serbia.