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CarWiz premieres in Portugal and Czech Republic

Original date of publication: July 8, 2020

Kemwel travel and car rental newsKemwel - As travel regulations gradually loosen throughout the European Union, our car rental partner CarWiz recently announced new operations in Portugal and the Czech Republic as it implements revised measures to combat COVID-19.

According to the Croatian company, the supplier founded in 2017 has signed two new contracts to expand Czech Republic car rentals. So far, car rentals in Prague and Ostrava Airport are already in full-swing as Czech citizens begin to travel as they no longer need to wear face coverings. Further west, CarWiz will also reportedly grow its low-cost Portugal car rental fleet in Lisbon, Sintra and Evora.

Both improved business processes and crisis management are two contributing factors to these recent developments. This even involved conducting online training with its franchise partners and new business strategies in accordance to public health measures.

"We have invested all our knowledge and efforts to make sure that all preparation for the possible season is complete and our franchise partners are ready to work,” said Sales Director at Carwiz Borko Ribić.

Whether you hope to rent an SUV in Lisbon or book a luxury car from Prague, these new arrangements grant franchisees more independence in regards to fleet supply and business models. Ultimately, this will allow companies to make adjustments when necessary in response to the unpredictability surrounding COVID-19.

“By implementing Carwiz standards, each franchise partner retains business independence, which by a contract, gives the partners an opportunity to take advantage of the brand as a whole," Ribić added. "Each partner can achieve complete success with a method of proven quality and adjusting to the market at hand.”

This past May, CarWiz launched the #OnTheMoveAgain project in compliance with EU policies to ensure better sanitation procedures and industry standards. Besides mandatory vehicle disinfection to promote a "new era of traveling," the franchise also enforces barriers in office as well as gloves and masks in work spaces.