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Kemwel - Suffice to say that 2020 has been a contentious year for the travel industry. So far, each day brings forth new insights, challenges and concerns surrounding COVID-19. In turn, the future of tourism and car rentals has become one indelible question mark.

At least among hotels, airlines and car rental companies such as Kemwel, demand across the board is at a record-breaking low. Scarce bookings paired with the loss of revenue have resulted in massive budget cuts, lay-offs and reallocation of funds.

With no clear solution in sight, governments across the world continue to respond to escalating rates of infections and fatalities. What’s more, various factors are contingent upon how countries open their borders to visitors to salvage their tourism-based economies.

Becoming a full-blown public health crisis this past March, the elusive coronavirus has reached disastrous levels with over 9 million confirmed cases and around 500,000 victims. Not only has the disease altered the way people interact but also travel, whether for necessity or leisure.

As countries undergo various phases of reopening, the need for accurate information and data is more essential than ever before. To educate both our customers seeking reliable international car rentals and online readers about these extraordinary circumstances, Kemwel has a special announcement to share!

Car rental news on Kemwel

Cheap car rental During these unparalleled times filled with doubts and uncertainty, the Kemwel team has a fresh initiative devoted to reporting on the evolving tourism and car rental industries. Moving forward, every week we will curate original news articles written by our staff to inform our followers about changing global policies on both political and business levels.

While we anticipate showcasing COVID-19 developments and its global impact, we will pay particular attention to our respective markets in Europe and the strides countries make in revitalizing their tourism sectors. Ranging from the gradual loosening of restrictions to border openings, the Kemwel news section will reinforce our online content about bargain international car rentals and travel blogs with objective news reporting!

More than just reporting on regulations and travel bans, this undertaking also intends to highlight topics involving our esteemed car rental partners. Among supplier companies such as Budget, Avis or Hertz, we will generate material about mergers, acquisitions, fleet developments, financial matters, etc. Moreover, since Kemwel offers car rentals in over 20,000 worldwide locations, pertinent news from our network of airports and railroad stations will also receive coverage.

Granted that the travel industry is in a state of transformation, Kemwel’s commitment to being a leading online travel platform hasn’t wavered!

Recent car rental and travel news headlines

Kemwel car rental and travel news
EU Releases Draft List of Welcomed Visitors sans US -  While the European Union (EU) is poised to open its external borders beginning July 1 to designated countries, so far it appears as though Russian, Brazilian and U.S. citizens have been barred based on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. On June 23, EU officials gathered in Brussels to compile a list of nations allowed to enter the bloc. For non-Schengen countries, the commission has created guidelines based on health data and national containment measures to curb the coronavirus. The general criterion stressed that countries must have the same amount of new infections per 100,000 people, which equates to the EU average.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Volkswagen Deliberates Acquisition of Europcar -  The global car rental industry could undergo some rearrangements in the upcoming months if Volkswagen (VW) acquires Europcar Mobility Group, according to Automotive News Europe. Not only does the French firm own Europcar but other Kemwel partners including Buchfinder, Fox Rent a Car, among other prominent trademarks. Shares for Europcar Mobility Group have already increased by 17 percent during a recent Paris trading session following this scoop, according to Bloomberg.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Car Rental Market Report 2020 Predicts 11.6% CAGR until 2022 - Despite COVID-19 disruptions, the market outlook for global car rentals appears sunny with an anticipated 11.6% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2015 until 2022, according to Car Rental Market by Application, Rental Category and Vehicle Type and Multi Utility Vehicle: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2020-2027. As reported by Globe News Wire, the value of the sector will allegedly increase from about US$79.65 million in 2015 to US$164.34 million by 2022. Similarly, the same source asserts that majority of the action takes place in North American markets with over half of the shares.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
CarWiz Expands Cheap Car Rentals to Portugal and Czech Republic - As travel regulations gradually loosen throughout the European Union, our car rental partner CarWiz recently announced new operations in Portugal and the Czech Republic as it implements revised measures to combat COVID-19. According to the Croatian company, the supplier founded in 2017 has signed two new contracts to expand Czech Republic car rentals. So far, car rentals in Prague and Ostrava Airport are already in full-swing as Czech citizens begin to travel as they no longer need to wear face coverings. Further west, CarWiz will also reportedly grow its low-cost Portugal car rental fleet in Lisbon, Sintra and Evora.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Where can Americans Travel in 2020? - Although U.S. passport holders may be hard-pressed to travel internationally this summer due to intensifying COVID-19 outbreaks, various Latin American, Caribbean, European, and African countries have reportedly permitted Americans to enter. As of July 10, AFAR reported that the following nations will receive U.S. travelers beginning this summer. Each with unique parameters, some nations are enforcing two-week quarantine or proof of negative test results upon arrival, sometimes depending on state of origin.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Free Hotel Quarantines End for Aussies - Beginning July 18, Australian state governments will no longer cover two-week hotel quarantine costs for Aussies returning Down Under from abroad. This announcement comes as the country plans to reduce weekly international arrivals from 8,000 to under 4,000, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The first Australian state to announce this was New South Wales (NSW) where Kemwel provides low-cost Sydney car rentals. As the Sydney Airport will limit the number of international arrivals to ease the burden of the hotel quarantine system, new fees will reportedly apply to anybody entering NSW. 
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Sixt Acquires 10 Former Advantage U.S. Airport Locations - Less than two months after Advantage Rent a Car filed for bankruptcy in the United States and European competitor Sixt has reportedly obtained 10 of its former airport branches. This is the latest move from the German powerhouse as it continues its U.S. expansion in the midst of uncharted territories surrounding COVID-19. After all, dwindling market shares for some mean higher yields for others. “The current circumstances caused by the coronavirus crisis and the insolvency of the car rental company Advantage offered Sixt a unique opportunity to acquire the 10 highly coveted airport concessions at an attractive price,” said Sixt in a recent statement, certainly jumping on the opportunity.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Austria Enacts Travel Ban on 32 Countries - For both travelers and car renters alike, summer 2020 will be a tricky time to visit Austria due to recent COVID-related measures meant to thwart entry from 32 "high-risk" countries. Although our car rental options in Vienna, Salzburg and Interlaken have been stable over recent months, this central European country is still grappling with containing the coronavirus, especially after a recent outbreak in the resort town of St. Wolfgang with 62 new confirmed cases. On one hand, some may be rejoicing that European Union (EU) countries are loosening travel restrictions between lifting stay-at-home orders and opening up holiday resorts. Places like Portugal and Italy are even reportedly trying to allure travelers with discount airfare, hotels, not to mention car rentals. On the other, EU members like Austria have made it clear that it won't be open for full-blown international tourism any time soon.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
New Zealand Reports First New COVID Case in Over 100 days - Perhaps it was too good to be true. While New Zealand essentially eradicated the coronavirus with zero new community transmissions over the past 102 days, the prominent Kemwel car rental destination recently reported four new cases from the same household in South Auckland. As a result, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has reinstated level three restrictions throughout the city expected to last the rest of the week. Many businesses, restaurants, bars and non-essential shops will need to shut down, not to mention gatherings of over 10 people becoming prohibited once again.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Detroit Ranks as Priciest City for USA Car Rental - The results are in; the Motor City of Detroit has ranked as the most expensive car rental destination in the United States with an average weekly rate of $446 for the least costly model, according to In second place were Memphis rental cars with a weekly rate of US$425 and Philadelphia vehicles placing as the third-highest at US$406. While prices appear visibly higher in the historic center of the American automotive industry and location where Henry Ford debuted car manufacturing assembly lines, survey results suggest lower rates across the country due to COVID-19.
Kemwel car rental and travel news
Mallorca Attributes Lack of British Tourists to Hotel Closure - Recent UK quarantine measures in response to escalating COVID-19 cases in Spain have reportedly ravaged the Balearic island tourism industry, not only in terms of Mallorca car rentals with Kemwel but also hotel bookings in Spain. Case in point: the acclaimed Fergus Style Soller Beach hotel in Mallorca will reportedly shut down for the summer because of the shortage of British holidaymakers. "Due to the latest COVID-19 measures taken by the British Government, we have no choice but to close the hotel this season,” said a hotel spokesperson in a recent statement.