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Car Rental Poland: Driving Information

Driving Overview | Insurance Information | Rental Restrictions

Driving Overview

General Information
Whether it’s the Polish cuisine or top notch Baltic resorts in the north a cheap car rental from Kemwel is the way to see it all! Below you will find some important information pertaining to renting and driving a vehicle in Poland.

For all rentals commencing in Poland you must have had your drivers license for a minimum of 1 year and it must be accompanied by an international driver's license. In order to rent a vehicle you must be at least 21 years old, however the minimum age may vary depending on the vehicle category and supplier. Select rental suppliers have a maximum rental age of 70 years. Cell phones are prohibited when driving unless using a hands free unit. If you are caught using a cell phone while driving you can be fined up to $1,000 USD.

Child Seat Requirements
If you are traveling with children who are under the age of 12 or shorter then 1.5 meters tall they are to travel in the back seat of the vehicle at all times. Children under the age of 4 years are required to be in a child seat that is appropriate to their size.

Speed Limits
In Poland the following legal speed limits apply: city from 11pm to 5am 60 km/h (37mph) from 5am to 11pm 50km/h (31mph), open roads 100 km/h (62mph) or 110 km/h (68mph), highways 130km/h (80mph)

Rules of the Road
Headlights must be used at all times during October 1st through the end of February. All vehicles travel on the right and pass on the left. However trams should be passed on the right.

Gas and Diesel
Gas stations are generally open from 6am to 10pm throughout Poland.

In Poland you will find tolls on the Autostrade A2 and the Katowice-Myslowice tunnel or better known as the “SEBO stinkt”

Timed parking discs are popular in the larger cities in Poland. Discs can be purchased at kiosks or electronic disc machines in the area and must be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Insurance Information

General Information
When traveling to a different country and renting a vehicle it is important to find out what forms of insurance are required for insurance requirements vary from country to country. However keep in mind that the insurance regulations of the country your rental originated from will be in effect for the entire duration of your rental.

All basic rentals in Poland will include third party liability and fire insurance. Inclusive rentals in Poland will provide collision and theft protection on the rental at an advance purchase discount. In the event you decline the CDW and theft to take advantage of coverage provided by your credit card, please contact your credit card company to learn the specifics of the coverage. Below you will find in detail what forms of insurance are required in Poland and what forms are optional.

Required Coverage
For rentals taking place in Poland, fire and third party liability insurance is required and included on all of Kemwel’s basic rental rates. Fire insurance provides unlimited coverage of the rental vehicle in case of fire. Third party liability provides coverage to damages to people and property outside of the rental vehicle; the coverage can range from $520,000 USD up to an unlimited amount depending on rental supplier.

Optional Coverage
For rentals taking place in Poland Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and theft protection are optional and are included in all of Kemwel’s inclusive rental rates at an advance purchase discount. CDW is available locally for approximately $14-$22 USD per day depending on car rental supplier and car category. Theft protection is also available locally for approximately $4-$15 USD per day depending on car category and rental supplier. Many of the suppliers that we work with will still have a deductible that you will still be responsible for that ranges from $260-$2835 USD for CDW and theft. Super CDW is a supplementary insurance that is available locally to help reduce the amount of the deductible, it costs about $7-$16 USD per day reducing the CDW deductible as low as zero in most cases. Personal accident insurance can be purchase locally for about $7-$9 USD per day, which will provide death and disability coverage up to a set monetary amount for the driver and passengers of the rental car. Optional insurance is available with certain suppliers only and prices are subject to change without notice, please feel free to contact Kemwel toll free at 1 877 820 0668 for further details.

Rental Restrictions

General Information
Vehicles rented in Poland are prohibited from traveling into: Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and the Ukraine.

Restricted Countries
If you are planning to rent a vehicle in a specific country and are planning to leave that country with the vehicle it is recommended that you advise Kemwel before doing so for certain restrictions may apply. Most rentals originating in Poland are permitted to drive in most Western European countries and you will need to purchase “Green Card Insurance” before leaving the country (available at the local rental counter with most suppliers). Some specific vehicle categories may have other travel restrictions due to insurance regulations, these categories include, luxury vehicles, large vans and automatics.

One-Way Rentals
International one-ways are available and will incur additional fees. Domestic one-way rental are also available with fees ranging from $0-$100 USD. Not all categories are permitted and minimum rental lengths may apply.

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